Certificate of

Original Art Showcase

The artwork of artist Danny Hahlbohm has blessed and encouraged

literally millions of people around the world.

    Many of Danny Hahlbohm’s original paintings have been sold throughout the years to collectors, however some are still available for sale through this website with the artist’s permission and over sight. The notoriety of Danny Hahlbohm’s paintings are simply astounding. There is hardly anyone who has not seen, known or owned at least one reproduction of his work.

    Danny’s first artwork reproduction of any notoriety was the famous “Footprints In The Sand” which sold over 7 million copies by 1982 and his creative momentum has never stopped since. Danny has had over 120 images reproduced by publishing companies around the world. This artwork reproduction was not limited to poster and print form but also as book covers, CD covers, calendars, 80 foot billboards, greeting cards... the list goes on and on.

    Rarely if ever has an artist’s work of this magnitude, beauty and notoriety been available to the general public before. Danny’s original oil paintings range in size from 24” x 30” to over seven feet in length. Because of the nature of the artwork no actual prices are shown. All price inquiries  are available only through correspondence to Inspired Art or Mr. Hahlbohm himself when necessary.

If you are a serious art collector this section of Danny’s website may be of great importance to you.

For all inquiries about the art please notify us at


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